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KAO Hua-chu

KAO Hua-chu, Minister, Ministry of National Defense


1968 BS, Republic of China Military Academy (ROCMA)
1970 Graduated, 179th Advanced Class, Army Infantry School, Ministry of National Defense, Executive Yuan (MND)
1974 Graduated, Army Command & General Staff College, Armed Forces University (now Army Command & Staff College, National Defense University)
1982 Graduated, War College, Armed Forces University (now National Defense University)

1971-1972 Company Commander, 6th Battalion of the 26th Infantry Division, ROC Army
1978-1979 Battalion Commander, 852nd Brigade of the 284th Infantry Division, ROC Army
1985-1987 Brigade Commander, 678th Brigade of the 226th Infantry Division ROC Army
1987-1990 Instructor-General, Military Training Department, and Commandant of Cadet Training Command, ROCMA
1990 Executive Director of Training and Education, Army Infantry Training Commanding and Infantry School, Ministry of National Defense, Executive Yuan
1990-1992 Division Commander, 127th Infantry Division, ROC Army
1992-1993 Chief of Staff, 10th Army Corps Commanding Headquarters, ROC Army
1993-1994 Chief of Staff for Intelligence, General Headquarters, ROC Army
1996-1998 Commanding General, Chengkungling Training Center, ROC Army
1998-1999 Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Logistics, MND
1999-2000 Commanding General, 10th Army Corps, ROC Army
2000-2003 Deputy Commander-in-Chief, General Headquarters, ROC Army
2003 Director General, Joint Operations Training and Doctrine Office, MND
2003-2004 Commanding General, Combined Logistics Command, MND
2004-2007 Minister, Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan
2008-2009 Minister, Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan
2009- Minister of National Defense