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Jiang honors excellent small and medium-sized enterprises
Date: 2013-02-27    Source: Office of Information Services, Executive Yuan
“Taiwanese people should feel proud not only of the Academy Awards’ Best Director, Ang Lee, but also of other countrymen who work tirelessly in all walks of life,” Premier Jiang said today at a ceremony awarding 10 excellent small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), or “backbone enterprises.” Jiang said the ceremony “highlights the continuous rise and unending breakthroughs of Taiwanese SMEs.”

The awards were originated by former premier Sean Chen, who in Jiang’s words “put his heart into designing an economic blueprint for the country,” and the Ministry of Economic Affairs half a year ago. Chen dubbed excellent SMEs “backbone enterprises” because of their central role in the economy.

Taiwan’s economy is supported by many SMEs that have excelled in innovation and global market expansion, Jiang noted. “While their brands might not be well-known to the general public, they are key contributors to the country’s economic growth which have made huge breakthroughs in different fields and markets. Whether it is in corporate management, key technology development, product patenting, sales or market development, these SMEs have outstanding achievements and are the envy of their industries,” he said.

The premier noted the 10 enterprises make products that are “intimately connected to every aspect of our daily lives,” like mobile phones, bicycles and ceramic ornaments. “They not only serve Taiwan but also meet the needs of customers around the world for culinary, clothing, housing, transportation, educational, recreational, medicinal, sporting and cultural products. Some are among the top three firms in the world in their field. We are very proud of them,” he said.

The Executive Yuan launched a backbone enterprise promotion program under the Economic Power-Up Plan, which aims to boost the economy by improving industries, tax systems, government efficiency and talent incubation and focuses on maintaining medium- and long-term economic growth as well as short-term recovery to ensure a bright future for Taiwan’s economy.

The premier also directed the Industrial Development Bureau to listen to businesses, understand their difficulties and needs, and offer assistance. “If the government knows of businesses’ troubles and does nothing to help them, it is letting them down,” he said.

“National competiveness lies in government efficacy and business activity,” Jiang stated. “I hope that the collaboration of industry, government, schools and researchers will lift Taiwan to major breakthroughs.”

In closing his address, the premier thanked the 10 businesses receiving the awards. “It is great to have all of you,” he said to them. “You are role models for other SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs. With all businesses’ efforts, Taiwan will surely have more great backbone enterprises and create a robust economy that is the envy of the world.”
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