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Lee Shih-chuan named Executive Yuan’s secretary-general
Date: 2014-02-26    Source: Office of Information Services, Executive Yuan
New Taipei City Government (NTCG) Deputy Mayor Lee Shih-chuan has been named secretary-general of the Executive Yuan, replacing Chen Wei-zen, who has been appointed Minister of the Interior, the yuan announced today.

Lee, who holds a master’s degree from National Taipei University of Technology’s Department of Electrical Engineering, possesses abundant administrative experience, having served as chief engineer and director at the Taipei City Government (TCG) Public Works Department’s (PWD) New Construction Office (NCO), director of the PWD’s Sewerage Systems Office (SSO), commissioner of the PWD of the Taipei County (precursor to New Taipei City) Government (TCoG), deputy magistrate of Taipei County and deputy mayor of New Taipei City.

The Executive Yuan stated that Lee worked his way up from the grassroots as a civil servant. He served as worksite director of new construction projects for the Taipei City Council and TCG while at the NCO, accomplishing such major projects as the Zhengqi Bridge, Xinyi Expressway, Zhoumei Expressway and six health and recreation centers. During his three-plus years at the SSO, he improved Taipei City’s sewerage connection rate to 80 percent.

Lee went on to become the right-hand man of both former TCoG Magistrate Chou Hsi-wei and current NTCG Mayor Eric Liluan Chu. As deputy magistrate and then deputy mayor, he has not only completed many developmental projects but also been the chief liaison to the county and city council, respectively. Although the caucus of the mayor’s party, the Kuomintang, is in the minority in the New Taipei City Council, Lee has been able to negotiate smooth passage of NTCG budgets every year, demonstrating his easy-going personality and deftness in communication and coordination.

Thanks to these abilities, evidenced by the harmonious relations between the executive and legislative branches of New Taipei City during his tenure as deputy mayor, as well as his engineering expertise, Lee has won wide acclaim from NTCG Mayor Chu and councilors across party lines, noted the Executive Yuan. As secretary-general, he will now be responsible for the yuan’s communication and coordination with the Legislature and between ministries in addition to assisting the premier in administrative affairs.