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    • Earthquake alerts help citizens take precautions2016-05-03
      Via the Public Warning System (PWS) established by the National Communications Commission (NCC), instant earthquake alerts and Short Message Service (SMS) reports incorporating Central Weather Bureau (CWB) earthquake information are sent to mobile phones free of charge so that ci...full story
    • Premier kicks off Tung blossom festival2016-04-30
      Premier Chang San-cheng today attended the opening ceremony for New Taipei City’s 2016 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival, where he invited the public to come out and enjoy Taiwan’s natural beauty. “The Tung blossom season is the most beautiful time of year in Taiwan. The stalls lining ...full story
    • Nation’s anti-corruption efforts bearing fruit2016-04-28
      International surveys and domestic polls alike testify that the government’s anti-corruption efforts in recent years have produced overall improvement, Premier Chang San-cheng stated today while presiding over the central anti-corruption committee’s 16th meeting.The premier made ...full story
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