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    • Executive Yuan regrets legislator’s ‘deliberate distortion’2014-04-19
      Legislator  Chen  Chi-mai’s  statement  that  Premier  Jiang  Yi-huah  had  described  the  student  protest  centered  on  the  Cross-Strait  Agreement  on  Trade  in  Services  as  a  “coup  d’etat”  is  a  “one-sided  distortion,”  Executive  Yuan  Spokesperson  Sun  Lih-chyun  stated...full story
    • DPP nuclear referendum proposal improper and arbitrary: premier2014-04-18
      Premier  Jiang  Yi-huah  today  criticized  the  Democratic  Progressive  Party’s  (DPP)  proposal  for  a  special  statute  that  would  pave  the  way  for  a  national  referendum  on  the  fate  of  the  Fourth  Nuclear  Power  Plant,  saying  this  manner  of  handling  the...full story
    • Industrial clusters promote development of Hakka businesses2014-04-17
      Recent  efforts  by  the  Hakka  Affairs  Council  (HAC)  to  form  industrial  clusters  in  Hakka  communities  have  already  produced  impressive  results,  Premier  Jiang  Yi-huah  remarked  at  today’s  Cabinet  meeting,  where  the  HAC  reported  on  progress  in  creating  “spotlight”...full story
    • Flood control requires close collaboration between governments: premier2014-04-17
      Premier  Jiang  Yi-huah  today  enjoined  agencies  to  continue  supervision  of  local-government  flood-control  efforts  in  order  to  ensure  the  efficacy  of  existing  flood-prevention  facilities,  saying  water  control  requires  close  collaboration  between  central  and  local  administrations.The...full story
    • Cloud services available for stock and futures investors2014-04-17
      Premier  Jiang  Yi-huah  today  gave  the  thumbs  up  to  the  Financial  Supervisory  Commission  (FSC)  for  taking  the  initiative  to  promote  cloud  services  for  investors  in  stocks  and  futures.  “Stock  and  futures  markets  represent  a  country’s  economic  performance,  and...full story
    • Executive Yuan refutes assertion deal prevented bloodshed in Legislature2014-04-16
      Executive  Yuan  Spokesperson  Sun  Lih-chyun  today  refuted  the  assertion  by  Ker  Chien-ming,  chief  convener  of  the  Democratic  Progressive  Party’s  legislative  caucus,  that  cooperation  between  Ker,  Legislative  Yuan  President  Wang  Jin-pyng  and  Hon  Hai  Precision  Industry  Co.,...full story
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