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    • National conference on economic and trade affairs to kick off2014-07-24
      The  National  Conference  on  Economic  and  Trade  Affairs  is  set  to  kick  off  on  July  26  at  the  Taipei  International  Convention  Center  in  the  nation’s  capital,  the  Executive  Yuan  said  today.   The  three-day  event  will  explore  Taiwan’s  economic...full story
    • Cabinet commemorates lives lost in Penghu plane crash2014-07-24
      The  Executive  Yuan  Council  held  a  minute  of  silence  at  today’s  meeting  to  commemorate  those  who  lost  their  lives  last  night  when  TransAsia  Airways  flight  GE222  crashed  near  Magong  Airport  in  Penghu.Afterward,  Premier  Jiang  Yi-huah  directed  the  Ministry...full story
    • Government responds rapidly to plane crash in Penghu2014-07-24
      Following  the  TransAsia  Airways  plane  crash  near  Magong  Airport  last  night,  Premier  Jiang  Yi-huah  immediately  ordered  the  establishment  of  a  central  emergency  operation  center  dedicated  to  the  case.“I  am  deeply  grieved  that  such  a  serious  aviation  accident...full story
    • Executive Yuan youth advisory group holds first meeting2014-07-22
      The  Executive  Yuan’s  youth  advisory  group  held  its  first  meeting  today.  Premier  Jiang  Yi-huah,  who  convened  the  meeting,  expressed  appreciation  for  the  young  advisors’  passion  for  public  affairs  and  desire  to  discuss  national  policy.“The  meaning  of  youth...full story
    • Free and innovative economy pivotal to Taiwan’s economy: premier2014-07-22
      A  free  and  innovative  economy  is  the  key  to  Taiwan’s  economic  future,  and  the  government  will  continue  moving  toward  this  direction  to  improve  the  economy,  Premier  Jiang  Yi-huah  told  business  leaders  today.Speaking  at  a  forum  for  business  and  service...full story
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